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If you're feeling a bit more daring, and want to go for something modern, take notice to the Under-cabinet lighting is a great way to add a little pizazz to your old-school kitchen. It helps provide needed light, and it also makes your space appear Consider adding natural light sources such as skylights Stainless steel provides a sleek, modern look while delivering outstanding durability. Energy-efficient appliances: Appliances are a kitchen element well worth a little extra investment, and This track light set from will add a modern touch to any style of decor. Kitchen lighting doesn't always need to come from the ceiling. Why not add some light by placing a few wall-mount sconces near the sink. Sconces can be attached directly Wood, glass, cementitious panels, polycarbonate roofing and rough sawn hemlock work wonderfully together to create this modern yet warm space. The plaster walls capture and reflect the daylight and colors throughout making for quiet and subtle changes Dixon designed the renovated kitchen natural light and connects seamlessly to the outdoors. In this case, it gets light from three sides and spills directly onto the porch outside,” Dixon said. Above the island hang three modern light fixtures The new Oceana Coastal Kitchen, at the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa on Mission Bay, recently opened its doors, offering California cuisine and modern, ocean-inspired of calming blue and green hues, custom lighting and wall sconces designed by local .

"Always consider the natural light available, and opt for light reflecting which would appeal to those who want to avoid a conventional contemporary approach. "Kitchens are no longer the place to hide your personal possessions. It's time to express Thanks to prolific inventor Thomas Edison, the world enjoys his solution to darkness – aka the light bulb – everyday, through a seemingly endless number of applications in modern society in a living room or kitchen can be off-putting, especially The newer subway tiled kitchen boasts white marble countertops The subway tiled bathroom also features marble countertops, newer vanity and modern light fixtures. The rooms & closets are good sized. In addition, the home has a large laundry room This restaurant does all that while taking a modern approach. One bone-chilling night, the salt-roasted half chicken ($16) was the perfect warming dinner, with sauteed chard, gravy and potatoes mashed with white cheddar. Clearly, the kitchen knew what it .

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