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While most of us use our coat racks to hang purses, scarves Try drying homegrown herbs from your garden on it in the kitchen. Or affix one on a wall above a claw-foot tub to use for body brushes, loofahs, and other showering essentials. I also have two elfa Door and Wall Rack systems in my house, which are what we’re interested in today. These systems can be screwed into a solid door (or wall) or hung on a hollow door with overdoor hooks, which I’ve used on my pantry and utility room This sink includes a simple place to hang a dishcloth, as well as a hanging rack for sponges and utensils. 15 popular kitchen storage ideas on Houzz Bottoms Racks: To Have Is to Hold The bottom grid is perhaps the best-known accessory (and seen in many of I have a Leicht kitchen and have been searching for a comtemporary brush chrome kitchen storage rack with accessaries identical to this photo. I live in the UK can you please forwards details where to buy and how much this item is. Many thanks Mrs Lock Firms Heirloom Design Build Turn your cabinet into your own custom pantry by using pantry organizers to turn the cabinet doors into spice racks and extra storage. The rotating racks inside make finding items a breeze. Contemporary Kitchen by San The solution: like a kitchen cupboard for the kitchen, the Over-Dock Pallet Storage Rack keeps empty pallets safely out of the way until they're needed, when they're conveniently at hand in a specially designed over the loading dock storage rack that'll .

One lingering kitchen storage dilemma I've always had is how to store my spices. I used to have one of those big rotating systems, but it took up too much counter space so I got rid of it. This zero gravity magnetic spice rack from Yanko Designs promises You might also have old wire CD storage rack going to waste (or inexpensively bought at IKEA). Put the two together for easy kitchen drawer organization. The CD racks make pulling out the right size lid simple and quick and it might also work for other and some metal screws to create a slick looking—and extremely functional—storage area for your most used kitchen utensils. Magnetic knife racks are also an ideal wall-mounted storage solution, not only displaying your cutlery but also freeing valuable Pots and pans can also be hung from the ceiling using a hanging cookware rack. "These are actually very pretty hanging over a kitchen island and it frees up cabinet space for other items when storage space is limited," said Susan Unger, of ClutterSOS in .

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