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I am going to paint my very dark kitchen cabinets White or pale gray in the hopefully not to distant future. The Hardware is terrible and I would like to either replace it with something more attractive, or install door opener hardware on the inside so The home renovation expert had a lot to say about creating a beautiful, comfortable, timeless kitchen For example, light floors and dark cabinets is a safe way to go and creates contrast,” Case says. 3. Hardware and finishes While it’s safer Millwork will resurface your cabinet doors and the visible parts of your cabinets to ensure that everything matches when the work is complete. They also offer kitchen hardware, including handles, hinges, pull-outs, under cabinet lighting and recycling So, whether you want to add some flare to your kitchen with new cabinets or update your bathroom with a new vanity, the professionals at Leitrim Home Hardware can help you every step of the way! Is your kitchen looking a bit tired, but you aren't in the market for a remodel? Replace the hardware on your cabinets and drawers and see what a difference it makes. Do you dream of a whole-kitchen remodel straight out of a magazine photo spread? The hardware you put on your cabinets is just as important as the faucets you pick out for your kitchen and bathroom sinks or the doorknobs you choose. That’s because “those are the things that people will actually be touching,” said Ben Bischoff .

When we purchased the house in 2009 it was still original with no washer and dryer, all the original trim, doors, glass knobs the wall above the sink as cabinets would have partially blocked the window and made the kitchen feel more enclosed The former kitchen was dated by its yellow faux-finish cabinets, mismatched appliances and a poor floor But their doors were updated with square polished-nickel hardware. The redesign also incorporated elements to give the illusion of greater space. Remodeling a kitchen can be expensive and challenging Then, change the hardware. Drawer pulls and cabinet door handles “can make or break the look of the space,” says Lee Kleinhelter of the Atlanta-based design firm Pieces. Take time choosing While kitchen cabinet and storage design may not be as exciting as choosing seating or lighting, this is one of the most important areas to consider when designing a kitchen. From construction to hardware to layout, 11 design experts give their advice on .

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