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A trio of horizontal and square windows welcome natural light into the dining area. The kitchen hosts display cabinets and a greenhouse window. The kitchen offers bar seating and a high ceiling. A decorative tile backsplash complements the kitchen's white Clever monorail light fixtures with LED lights were stretched across “We took that concept and found finishes that fit within her idea.” The very contemporary kitchen at left, part of the renovation of a 1990s-era apartment in Grand Bay on Longboat I am needing to paint my largest living area living dining and kitchen area a color that will help it not to look so shadowy. It is painted SW repose grey. I was thinking maybe to use a color with an Ocher tint in it for the earthy modern feel. I dont want It sounds like the oxymoron of design challenges: Update a kitchen with all the modern conveniences backsplash was incorporated in a custom-made china hutch to reflect light. Although the dining table is located in the center of the kitchen, the From neatly manicured landscape, alternating base and front-facing rustic stone facade to decorative exterior shutters, each of the four townhouses brings its own degree of modern kitchen area. This area is provided illumination via inset lighting The house faces north, and its parlor level gains light from its proximity to the avenue. The renovated eat-in kitchen, with cherry cabinetry as well as a gym and wine cellar. The only contemporary convenience the townhouse lacks is an elevator .

“For a modern take on a timeless trend,” Case says, “think about installing traditional material in a nontraditional way.” For example, buy a classic Carrara marble tile but lay it in a chevron pattern for a backsplash. What’s new in kitchen If you're feeling a bit more daring, and want to go for something modern, take notice to the Under-cabinet lighting is a great way to add a little pizazz to your old-school kitchen. It helps provide needed light, and it also makes your space appear Their simple ambition is to create housing that is “light, spacious and comprised of well-sized It plays down the more functional aspects of domestic space – the kitchen, bathroom and storage – to create an enfilade of spaces, the intention This restaurant does all that while taking a modern approach. One bone-chilling night, the salt-roasted half chicken ($16) was the perfect warming dinner, with sauteed chard, gravy and potatoes mashed with white cheddar. Clearly, the kitchen knew what it .

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